Sunday, June 23, 2013

Create Custom ACL in PHP

An ACL (access control list) is a list that controls object permissions, determining which user can execute a certain task. It can be further extended to contain not only users, but also user groups. This is an important aspect of PHP security and is used in virtually all medium- and large-sized applications.

So, what are the advantages of an ACL model? The first advantage is security. Using this model will make your application more secure and less vulnerable to exploits. When securing any program, it is good to give to the user only the privileges he/she needs. That means that, for example, you should not give super administrator privileges to someone who will only manage website content. The ACL security model allows you to do just that. The second advantage is the easiness of user management. You can divide users into groups, while each group has certain access permissions. Also, you can easily add new user groups, delete the old ones or change group permissions.

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